Olanta High School — Olanta, SC

Olanta High School Gym on Google Street View
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Olanta High School Gym

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Olanta High School

Hwy 301
Olanta, South Carolina

Mascot: Bearcats
Colors: Red & Black
Photo: Olanta Elementary and High School

Olanta High School was opened about 1909 and closed in 1985.

The first high school yearbook was published in 1928, THE OLANTAN.

About everything I know about Olanta comes from this History of Olanta, SC.

Here’s a couple of quotes from the History:
In 1923, a two story block building was built near where the Olanta School facility is located today. In 1957 that would be torn down and a new High School would be built. That facility would remain in use as the Olanta High School until 1985 when children of High School age would be transported to Lake City. The facility would then become a part of the Olanta Elementary School facility for the area and remains to this date.
Olanta Elementary School, Olant, SC
And the history of Olanta would not be complete without the picture of a school that meant so much to a lot of the readers of this history, that being the Olanta Elementary School… The school was built in 1951 and would serve the area until 2001 when it was removed and replaced with today‚Äôs structure.

———— Olanta Bearcats Sports ————


  • State Champions
    1965-66 (that’s right, 4 State Championships in a row!)


  • State Runners-Up

Boy’s Basketball

  • State Champions
    Class A State Runners-Up

Olanta alumnus, Don Buddin, was inducted into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame.



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  1. My father, William Thomas Knight graduated from Olanta High School in 1923. I was hoping there might be some record of his graduation that I might obtain a copy of. This is for my information only and not for any other purpose.

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