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Kershaw, SC

Originally called Welsh’s Station, “In the early 1900s Kershaw flourished as a prosperous farming/industrial community with turpentine distilleries, gold mining, a cotton mill and an oil mill. Haile Gold Mine continues to operate today. Kershaw’s historic district, mostly residential, includes a number of the most beautiful Southern homes in the region, and its business district features a variety of unique shops featuring antiques, collectibles and pottery. Over 1900 folks reside in Kershaw.”
( source Lancaster Chamber of Commerce )

Kershaw County and Lancaster County were created in 1785, but the exact location of the boundary line was disputed until, in 1907, the State Legislature set the Lancaster County/Kershaw County line right through the middle of the Town of Kershaw’s business district. During the ensuing years, most new development tended to occur on the Lancaster County side. In 1954, Lancaster County started a drive to annex the town of Kershaw which was successfully completed in 1977.
( reference The Town of Kershaw, by Louise Pettus )


Kershaw High School

School Colors: Purple & White
Nickname: Eagles

In 1969, Kershaw High School, Heath Springs High School and Flat Creek High were consolidated to form Andrew Jackson High School. The following year, Hillside High School was closed and also merged into Andrew Jackson.


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Alumni in the News

Marion Boan was the Kershaw Eagles’ football coach for 15 years before retiring after the 1961 school year. Part of his 1996 obituary reads: “Marion Boan devoted his life to the people of the town of Kershaw, first as a coach who won state high school championships in football and baseball, and later as the town’s Recreation Department director.” His son, Billy Boan, was an All-State football player at Kershaw, then went on to become a SC State Representative, Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and chief of staff to former Gov. Jim Hodges.

Here’s an interview with Arthur Smith, who graduated from Kershaw High School, then went on to create The Arthur Smith Show, the first nationally-syndicated country music TV show.

Football in the News

Kershaw was humiliated in the first game of the 1962 season, losing to Winthrop Training School, 26-0. “They beat the stuffings out of us,” said a dejected Eagle Coach Bill Few. Asked if he had hopes for better showings during the season, he replied “I hope to heck we do.”
( source: The Rock Hill Herald, Aug 28, 1962 )

In 1959, the Rock Hill Herald ran an ad, comparing their coverage of another Kershaw-Winthrop Training football game to the coverage provided by two competing newspapers. Depending on which paper you read, the critical play was a WTS punt return by either Chan Snypp, Cran Snypp or Cran Snepp. And somebody won the game, 6-0, depending on which paper you read.
( source: The Rock Hill Herald, Sep 9, 1959 )

In the 1951 State Championship game, the last play of the game was a 34-yard run by Mullins High School’s Jackie Powers. The play started from Kershaw’s 36-yard line, with the Eagle’s defense stopping Powers on the 2-yard line as time expired.
The Eagles line-up:
Harry Hicks, Billy Joe Catoe, Marion Faulkenbury, Phillips, Jackie Pardue, E. Catoe, Martin Carson, Glen Gardner, Charles Blaich, David Reeves, Malcolm McIsaac.
( source: The News and Courier, Dec 1, 1951 )

Let’s play “Find Your Grandparents”
The starting lineup for the 1934 Kershaw Eagles: Truesdale, H?(unreadable), Bell, Cunningham, Williams, H. Garner, C. Roberts, Hayes, R. Roberts, E. Gardner, Rice.
( source: The Rock Hill Herald, Sep 29, 1934 )

Let’s play “Find Your Great-Grandparents”
The starting lineup for the 1924 Kershaw Eagles: Croxton, Gregory, Taylor, Hagler, A. Faulkenbury, Fletcher, Williams, Hilton, Jones, Culvern, P. Faulkenbury. The referenced article states that Kershaw played the game with no substitutes, meaning these eleven boys played offense and defense for the entire 60 minutes.
( source: The Rock Hill Herald, Oct 4, 1924 )



1951 Class B State Champs, Coach Marion Boan, defeated Mullins High School Auctioneers
1964 Class B State Champs, Coach W. E. Few, defeated Bamberg High School
1965 Class B State Runner-Up, Coach W. E. Few, lost to East Clarendon High School
1966 Class B State Champs, Coach W. E. Few, defeated Lamar High School
1967 Class B State Runner-Up, Coach W. E. Few, lost to Allendale-Fairfax High School

Boys Golf
Class B State Champs: 1964, 1965, 1966

1953-1954 Class B State Champs, Coach Marion Boan, defeated Marion High School
1954-1955 Class B State Runner-Up, lost to Marion High School

This has little to do with Kershaw High School, but I thought it was interesting:

Prior to 1945, South Carolina public schools only had 11 grades. The State Legislature added 12th grade after educators claimed that adding the extra year would allow them to expand curricula choices and put SC students ahead of students from other states when they entered college.

In 1949, Senator Kennedy, of Kershaw, intoduced an amendment to a state budget bill to eliminate 12th grade, thus reducing the amount of state money spent on public education. He claimed that, rather than expanding students’ educations, the schools were merely stretching out 11-years worth of teaching over 12 years, allowing more time for recess and basketball.

The amendment was eventually dropped, but not before putting the Department of Education “on notice” that they must show some proof that the 12th grade had some benefit if they wanted to keep it in the next budget.


Are you an Eagles alumni?
We need your help! Please leave a comment below telling everyone what you remember about Kershaw High School. We couldn’t find anything about early schools in Kershaw, SC or when KHS was founded. Was there another school building before the one on N. Matson St.? Any info you can add will be appreciated by us and your fellow alumni. Thanks.


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  1. The school in the picture is not “Kershaw High School” it is “Kershaw Elementary School” the old high school was on N.Matson St. where the Korner Kupboard Store and the Kershaw Post Offices is at now part of the old Gym is still there. And the new part of the elementary school is seting on where the cafeteria was.

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