Hildebran High School — Hildebran, North Carolina

Hildebran School building
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Hildebran, NC
Burke County
Named for Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand of Sovana)

1900: Hildebran 190
1900: Icard Twp. 2,150
2000: Hildebran 1,472
2000: Icard Twp. 16,753

Reunion Apparel for Hildebran High School

Hildebran High School
202 S. Center St.
Hildebran, NC 28637

mascot: Royals
Colors: Royal Blue & Silver

1964 Class AA Men’s Basketball State Champs (defeated Forest Hills High School, 70-65; Head Coach Melvin Ruggles)
1952 6-man Footbal State Runner-up (lost to Clayton High School, 20-14)

From Town of Hildebran website:
The Town Hall began its life as a schoolhouse. The first brick schoolhouse was built in Hildebran in 1917. It remains a part of the present building, but has had several additions during the years. No electricity was available until the early 1920’s. The auditorium was lighted for night programs by several gas lanterns.
– The first addition to the school was in about 1923, an auditorium with additional classrooms on the second floor. The original auditorium was converted to classrooms.
– The first commencement was held in 1919. By 1925 the graduating class had increased to fourteen members.
– A wooden structure was built in the 40’s to be used as a lunchroom. It later became the schools first gymnasium.
– In 1957 more land was purchased and a new primary (“main”) building was constructed (building on right). In 1959, a new auditorium was added with a bandroom. A new gymnasium was added in 1965.

Hildebran High School, George Hildebran High School and Valdese High School consolidated in 1974 to form East Burke High School.

The Hildebran High School building is now the home of the Albert L. Parkhurst Municipal Complex.

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2008 Cruise-In at Hildebran school

6 thoughts on “Hildebran High School — Hildebran, North Carolina

  1. I hope you are well? I am Jessica (Wilson) Sanchez and I am working with a group of people who are trying to save the old Hildebran High School. There is a big meeting on Thursday, Jan. 8th at 7p in the Hildebran Auditorium, and we’ve been trying for years to encourage the town to turn the old high school into a historic landmark.

    We could use your encouragement and expertise in trying to spread the information about this upcoming meeting. I’ve contacted as many local leaders, churches, and schools that I can in the past few weeks. I hope you can come to the meeting, and also try let as many people know about the meeting as possible. Thank you so much for your consideration, and I hope we get a chance to talk soon. Thank you and have a great day!


    Jessica (Wilson) Sanchez

  2. This does seem to be a great loss to the community. Having several cousins Ronnie Abernathy,Paula Abernathy,Bridget Abeernathy, So many of the surrounding counties ,cities, have refurbished their old schools with great success and amazing results. Like the other comments made to make this an Historical Place of Interest for the city, county, and state. Many different opportunities could come out of this project. Many festivities could be held here. As in other cities like Lincolnton, Hickory, Valdese, Morganton, Shelby,and many others. As for the financial cost, just like any other project, just getting someone to start and keep the drive alive. People would look back , after the years, a say it was worth the effort. Once it is gone , it can never really be replaced. Heritage and Memories is all we really have in this project. Thanks for the memories.

  3. save our history and memories. i live in athens, tn know and won’t be able to make the meeting but i loved this school and so many great memories and good times.

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