George Hildebran High School — Connelly Springs, North Carolina

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Connelly Springs, NC
Reunion Apparel for George Hildebran High School

Population (2000 census):
Icard township 16,753
Connelly Springs town (part) 643
Hickory city (part) 63
Hildebran town 1,472
Icard CDP 2,734
Long View town (part) 709
Rhodhiss town (part) 327
Remainder of Icard township 10,805


George Hildebran High School
Connelly Springs, NC
(George Hildebran community)

mascot: Eagles
colors: Blue, Red & White

George Hildebran High School, Hildebran High School and Valdese High School consolidated in 1974 to form East Burke High School.

Terry Rogers graduated from George Hildebran High School. When he was the head basketball coach at Freedom High School, he won two state championships and was the winningest active coach in North Carolina.

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10 thoughts on “George Hildebran High School — Connelly Springs, North Carolina

  1. The lower picture was erected in 1925. The school was named for George Washington Hildebrand who was an outstanding farmer, operater of a cotton gin and manager of sawmill and planer operations in Lower Fork township where he was a resident and son of it’s pioneer settlers and great grandson of Conrad Hildebrand soldier of the Revolution who fought at Kings Mountain. George W. Hildebrand was interested in politics and the community. He built a wooden frame school house on the same parcel in 1890. It was moved and the brick school was then built. He served on the Burke County school board for 42 years. This school was for grades 1 thru 12 then later K thru 12. Several generations of families attended this school. The school and the churches were the center of all activities in the community.
    The picture at the top was built later. I do not know the exact date. It had gym, shop and most all of the high school students had classes at this building. The cafeteria was at the lower building. The inside of the school was warmed with coal heat and had beautiful wood floors. It had an auditorium. There are several schools in Burke County that were built around the same time period and they resemble this school. Mr. Hildebrand’s funeral was conducted November 23, 1936 in the auditorium of the George Hildebrand School. I do not know when the D was dropped from the name of the school. I believe the upper picture which was the high school is now a primary school or elementary school at this present day. This school is in the Lower Fork township of Burke County.

      1. The D in Hildebrand was NEVER dropped on purpose. The school is still with a D.. It was when the fire department painted in their firetrucks and whoever done them misspelled the word.. It wasnt until after all the trucks were painted that it was noticed… and when the FD charter was created, it just went without the D.. but we definitely still have the D, and most REAL GH folks take great offense at it being left of, because of aligning it with Hildebran school.. 🙂

  2. TO Dave Saunders, thank you very much .. I attended this school as did my Mother and my Aunt . and other family members. All as well as myself graduated. At the time of my Mother’s graduation the school’s in Burke County only went to the 11th grade for completion of studies and graduation. I graduated in 1966… There were many dedicated teachers in that school. A big thank you to MIss Juanita Ramsey as far as my high school years went. She was a real gem..

    1. I attended also, as did my siblings and my mother. Which only went to the 11th grade also. Then she graduated from the 11th then like you said they only went to the 11th grade and graduated. Wow a wonderful school is was and still is I am sure. We all got along very well. And everyone knew everyone else. What a wonderful blessing it was to be a part of the community. We were very fortunate to be there. Then the consolidation came to go to East Burke High School. I got to go to the 11th grade and the last year had to finished At East Burke. I have regreted the fact that I had to finish my last year of school somewhere other than George Hildebran High School. It is wonderful to still remember the days there and the wonderful friends I made. And the teachers, excellent. Thank You for my good years at GHHS…

  3. Hello, I went to george hildabran in 1965 thru 1974..then I went to east burke in high far as my african american family that a community called maple grove…( 1 mile and a half ) south on hwy 18, we enter at the school in 1965, or 1964..a lot of african american in the south may have faces adversity when going to a all white school..but we didn’t..there might have been a one on one incedent, but nothing whole time there, I was treated very good like my white friends..we we’re. Like family before me knew everyone…before george hildabran, my older brothers and cusin had went to school in newton, north carolina for so many years..from 1940’s to 1964..before that my dad and others older family. Had went to a small wooden school with one room in it in the community ( maple grove)..yes george hildabran. Is well know in its basketball program, and baseball was the smallest school in burke county..when I was there..the population from kindergarden thru 12 grade was only over 700 pupil…the basketball program have won a lot of championship and other sports as well.. george hildabran. Has people that migrated from hickory, morganton, shelby, lincolnton, and lenoir..a peacesful cummunity. ( god country) that I love calling home..

  4. hugh martin ,my cousin went to and taught at George hilderbrand h.s. , the poor boy community store below the school, and across from the elementary school,was ran /owned by mr. and ms. Herbert &ertie Huffman martin for over forty years. The old fiddlers convention was held in the high school auditorium for many years. I went to the fiddlers convention with my uncle roy b. Huffman for many years. the school has a great history of basketball and baseball players during those years. Mr Evan Rhoney was principal there for many years also, Mr. Evan Rhoney did teach and principal there before he did retire in later years. Mr. Evan Rhoney was an avid fisherman of Santee Cooper, with many friends and family during this time as teacher and prinicipall. Hugh Martin played ball at George Hilderbrand and was a real enthusiast of these games, and friends that played with him. Mr. Hugh Martin did pass away at an early age in life, in his early 50’s of health problems.

  5. I’m a great great grandson George Washington Hildebrand & I have his tax receipts his sons also and my grandpa Dock Michael Hildebrands taxes Also

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