Gaston High School — Gaston, North Carolina

Gaston High School, Gaston, NC
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Gaston High School, Gaston, NC

Reunion Apparel for Gaston High School

Gaston High School

Northampton County

mascot: Lakers
colors: Red & White

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I couldn’t find any record of when Gaston High School opened or closed. I’m guessing Gaston students now attend Northampton County High School – West.

Sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s, the school’s nickname was changed from the Rebels to the Lakers. Lakers was in reference to the lakes which were created in the area in the 1950’s. Lake Gaston was formed by a flood-control dam on the 400-mile long Roanoke River. The dam was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1947 and 1953. Just below Lake Gaston, another dam forms Roanoke Rapids Lake which is used to generate hydro-electric power.

In the fall of 1969, the courts ordered 100 students to be transferred from Gumberry to Gaston High School.

Here’s a nice article from 1974 about Gaston Alumni Lonnie Wayne Lassiter, when he was coaching baseball at Bowman High School in Anson County. He went on to become principal of Anson County Senior High School, then Superintendent of Anson County schools.

There are about 300 Gaston High School alumni registered on

The Facebook group, “You know you’re from Roanoke Rapids, NC when…” really covers all of Northampton County.

The Gaston, NC Discussion Forum discusses news and topics about Gaston and surrounding areas.

“Chunk” Rook (GHS ’70) has been coaching football, basketball and baseball for over 30 years. Here’s an intersting bio from the Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald.

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  1. Gaston Elementary School in Gaston, NC was opened sometime in the mid to late 1920’s. My father started school there in @ 1928-29. Before that I had an old maid aunt that taught in a one room schoolhouse called McKeever School down the road from Lebanon Methodist Church for two years, @ 1922-23. So I think Gaston School opened sometime shortly after that.

  2. Class of 81, the school was such a wonderful school, the staff & students seemed to all get along. Coach Don Johnson was our principle. Many memories, thanks! Go Lakers!

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  3. I remember the Cougars of Enfield High School playing football against theLaker of Gaston High School in 1973, 1974 and 1975. In 1973, EHS fullback Johnny Mitchell rushed for over 100 yards and Enfield beat Gaston. Gaston, however, won the conference championship that year.

    Gaston beat Enfield in 1974 and 1975.

    Weldon High School won the conference championship in 1974, and Gaston won the championship in 1975.

    The 1975 Gaston team featured running back/linebacker Elton Moody, running back/linebacker Titus Lee, and quarterback Clayton Moody – the best high school backfield in the State of North Carolina – period. That team went 6-0 in the conference losing to South Granville in the state playoffs. Enfield High went 5-1 in the conference losing only to Gaston.

  4. I taught at Gaston Junior/Senior High School from 1972 through 1982, first in the junior high and then in the senior high. The high school was consolidated with Gumberry High School to form the new Northampton County High School–West at the Gumberry campus in the fall of 1982. The junior high moved into the high school building at that time. The junior high, which was truly a classic school building, built I think through one of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs (CCC?), has been torn down. The newer building, built in the early 60’s I think, is still there (as seen in the picture) but appears abandoned. There is a new Northampton County High School–West in Gaston and the Gumberry school has become a community center. Don’t know where middle schoolers go or if Gaston Elementary School is still operating, but that can be determined from the Northampton County Schools website, I’m sure.

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