Farmville High School — Farmville, North Carolina

old photos of Farmville, NC and area
Farmville, NC in the early 1960’s
(click image for old photos of Farmville, NC)

Farmville, NC

Population: approx. 4,500
Pitt County

The town of Farmville was incorporated in 1872. For the next 100 years, its growth and prosperity were directly tied to the cultivation, processing and distribution of Brightleaf tobacco. Today, Farmville is trying to hold on to the benefits of small-town life while expanding its commercial and industrial opportunities.


Town of Farmville website

Over 300 old Farmville photos

Farmville High School, North Carolina, in the snow
Farmville High School in the snow

Farmville High School

Mascot: Red Devils
Colors: Red & White

  • [Thanks to Jessie Carraway Heizer, Class of ’52, for providing the school colors.]
  • I couldn’t find any record of when Farmville High School opened or closed.
    – I found one biography of a fellow who graduated from “the Farmville high school” in the 1890’s. Meanwhile, his sisters graduated from “the Normal School”, also in Farmville.
    – An 1898 “Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction” shows the schools in Farmville as the “Farmville Male and Female Academy”.
    – Another biography says the subject was a teacher in Farmville from 1880-1890, but doesn’t say what school.
    – The 1910 “North Carolina School Bulletin” records that Farmville High School had 24 students and two teachers.
    – Ayden-Grifton High School was built in 1971. Farmville Central High School and North Pitt High School opened about the same time.
    Reunion Apparel for Farmville High School


    1963 State runner-up (Region 1) Lost to Murfreesboro, 20-7
    1964 State Champs (Region 1) Defeated Weldon, 26-0
    1968 State runner-up (East) Lost to Rohanen, 21-20

    In 1957, Farmville didn’t win the Class A state football championship, but they had an interesting trip before falling. The game against Beaufort ended in a 0-0 tie. In those days, there was no overtime. The team with the most offensive yards (Farmville) was declared the winner. The following week, Farmville scored late in the game to tie the score at 6. Again, they were awarded the victory by outgaining Red Springs. Here’s a recap of the second game from the Red Springs’ home newspaper, the Robesonian.

    Photos of Farmville High School from the 1951 yearbook, The Archway.
    (Click to enlarge)
    Photos of Farmville High School from the 1951 yearbook, The Archway.
    (Click to enlarge)

    Please help us out. If you have any additional info about Farmville High School, please leave it in the comments below. Send a link to this post to your fellow alumni so they can share their memories, too.

    6 thoughts on “Farmville High School — Farmville, North Carolina

    1. I graduated from Farmville High in 1952. Our colors were red and white. i was a cheer leader and in the band that was formed around 1947-1948. My father and I had the same first grade teacher-Miss Annie Oerkins (whose portrait hangs in the Farmville Public Library.) I have annuals from my 4 yrs of high school as well as a pen and pencil drawing by Becky Thomas.

    2. I am making a model of H.B Sugg and Farmville High School I need a full description of Farmville High because I never saw the school in person it was demolished when I was 4 years old (1978)

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