Ellerbe High School — Ellerbe, North Carolina

Lawnmower racing in Ellerbe, NC
Ellerbe, North Carolina
Population: 1,000+
Richmond County

The town of Ellerbe went through several name changes, from Scottish Fairgrounds, to Hurricane, to Fairgrounds. It was incorporated as Ellerbe in 1911 when the railroad came to town. W. T. Ellerbe had built a resort town around natural springs which were said to have healing powers.

Here are some great Ellerbe, NC photos from flickr user matt.wagers.

This website has a good History of Ellerbe, NC. It’s the Ellerbe, NC website, so look around. It contains a lot of interesting stuff about Ellerbe.

These two interviews with Chief Justice Henry Frye contain a glimpse of Ellerbe, NC in the 1940’s.
Oral Histories of the American South
Interview with Henry Frye, Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Ellerbe, NC Facebook group: I Grew Up in Ellerbe, NC

Ellerbe, NC area links:
Ellerbe Springs Inn & Restaurant
The Rankin Museum of American and Natural History
Reunion Apparel for Ellerbe High School


Ellerbe High School

128 W Ballard Street
Ellerbe, NC 28338

mascot: Wildcats
colors: Maroon & Gold

There are about 200 Ellerbe High School alumni signed up at Classmates.com.

Here’s a Google satellite view of Ellerbe Junior High School on Ballard Street.

Dates in Ellerbe High School history:
– 1925 – Norman consolidated into Ellerbe
– 1928 – Gibson Mill consolidated into Ellerbe
– 1967 – (According to the History of Ellerbe, NC cited above) Hamlet City Schools, Rockingham City Schools, and Richmond County Schools (including Ellerbe) were consolidated.
– 1972 – Ellerbe High School was closed. The students moved into the new Richmond Senior High School. The Ellerbe High School building became Ellerbe Junior High School.

Richmond Senior High School was formed by merging Ellerbe, Hamlet, Rockingham, and Rohanen High Schools.


Miscellaneous notes about Ellerbe High School

An old newspaper article about Ruth Merritt says “In the 1930’s she taught at Ellerbe High School, then famed as a model progressive school under Principal Richard F. Little.”

Here’s a great web page about the first year of the Richmond Marching Raider Band.

We found a 1951 article about Ellerbe High School playing in a 6-man football league. A later mention says they played as an 8-man team.

The 1918 Annual School Report to the North Carolina State Inspector of Public High Schools contains this entry:
Richmond County
Principal O. G. Reynolds, Ellerbe High School:
We have voted since last year $12,000 worth of bonds for the purpose of erecting a brick schoolhouse, which we hope to have built this year.


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11 thoughts on “Ellerbe High School — Ellerbe, North Carolina

    1. The school colors for Ellerbe High School were maroon and gold not burgundy, although I don’t think there is much difference in the two colors.

  1. I believe Ellerbe High School closed in 1972. The first graduating class of Richmond Senior High (the new consolidated high school) was in 1973. Also, Mineral Springs did not become Ellerbe Primary at the same time. It was years later when that happened.

    1. Mineral Springs never became Ellerbe Primary. Schools integrated the year of 68-69. Mineral Springs remained the elementary school. grades 5-8. The Primary building at MS was no longer used and the students in grades 1-4 went to Ellerbe Primary. Both Ellerbe Primary and Mineral Springs Primary buildings were torn down later. MS first. IN 1995Mineral Springs became grades K-6 and Ellerbe became Ellerbe Junior High which is now Ellerbe Middle School 6-8. Sith graders were sent there later. There is a 9th Grade Academy in Rockingham that houses all 9th graders in the county. And yes since 1973. all 10-12 graders are house at Richmond Senior High in Rockingham.

  2. I have a Picture of the school that I think woul be good for this page ,but I’m not sure how to post it.
    The picture was taken the last year the school was opened as a high school.

  3. I graduated from Ellerbe High School in 1949. That was the last year that Richard F. Little was principal. We had no gym (basketball was played in the school garage without a coach), we had no c afeteria. All of these came after I graduated. Some of our teachers were Jane Beacham (she volantarially coached the girls basketball. Susie Thrift, Margaret Wayne Mary Grace Williams, Miss Ellis. Loved going to school there.

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