Elizabethtown High School — Elizabethtown, North Carolina

Elizabethtown High School gym
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Elizabethtown, NC
Bladen County
Population: approx 4,000

Elizabethtown area websites:
Town of Elizabethtown website
Town of Elizabethtown history
Bladen County Public Library
Turnbull Creek Educational State Forest
Turnbull Creek Photos


Elizabethtown High School
mascot: Yellow Jackets
colors: ????

NCHSAA Regional State Football Champions:
1962 1963 & 1964

There are over 300 Elizabethtown High School alumni registered at Classmates.com.

We haven’t been able to determine when Elizabethtown High School was established. The oldest alumni we found graduated in 1928.

As near as I can figure out, here’s the sequence of consolidations since 1971. (If I’m wrong, somebody please correct me.)

  1971 – Bladen Central High School consolidated with Elizabethtown High School in 1971 and for that one year they were known as the Elizabethtown Cougars.

  1972 – In 1972, Elizabethtown High School, White Oak High School and East Arcadia High School were consolidated and became the East Bladen Cougars. East Bladen opened in a new building and the old Elizabethtown High School became East Bladen Middle School.

  1992 – In 1992, Clarkton High School was closed. Most of the students transferred to Bladenboro High School, a few moved to East Bladen.

  2001 – In 2001, Bladen County built two new high school buildings, with East Bladen moving into one of them. Bladenboro High School and Tar Heel High School were closed. Some of the students were transferred to East Bladen High School, but the majority went to the newly constructed West Bladen High School. West Bladen were the Knights and East Bladen changed their mascot to the Eagles. (Due to construction delays, the West Bladen building wasn’t completed until 2002. West Bladen students attended classes in their old high schools.) The old East Bladen High School building became Elizabethtown Middle School and the old Elizabethtown High School building was demolished to make way for the new Elizabethtown Municipal Building. The old Elizabethtown High School gym still stands behind the Municipal building.

Bladen County Facebook groups:

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