Clarkton High School — Clarkton, North Carolina

Clarkton High School now
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Clarkton, NC
Bladen County
Population: approx 700

Clarkton area websites:
Bladen County website
The Bladen Journal
Bladen County Public Library
Im From Bladen County Yo!!! Facebook group


Clarkton High School
mascot: Warriors / Blue Devils
colors: Blue & White?

I found newspaper articles referring to the Clarkston athletic teams as both the Warriors and the Blue Devils. So, until an alumni straightens us out, we have created apparel for both nicknames. Take your pick!

There are over 600 Clarkton High School alumni registered at

From the 1911 North Carolina Yearbook:
Incorporated in 1901.
Population, 368.
Clarkton High School— Prof. Leroy Dunn, Principal.


After overcoming many years of consolidation efforts, Clarkton High School was closed in 1992. Most of the 190 students were transferred to Bladenboro High School, a few moved to East Bladen High School..

The building became Clarkton Middle School then, later, the Clarkton School of Discovery.


Men’s Basketball Reunion Apparel for Clarkton High School Warriors
1976 Class A State Runner-up (set record for most points scored by both teams, losing to Wentworth 84-79)
1977 Class A State Runner-up
1978 Class A State Runner-up
1979 Class A State Runner-up
1985 Class A State Champs

Women’s Basketball
1979 Class 1A State Runner-up

Reunion Apparel for Clarkton High School Blue Devils
1957 State Champs (6-man)
1961 State Champs (8-man)
1985 Lost State Semifinals
1986 Lost State Semifinals

1986 Class A State Champs


Class of ’75
– Faye Hardin’s book about growing up in Clarkton.

Clarkton High School Facebook groups:
Class of 1984 – 1992
Clarkton High School Attendees 1921-1992

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11 thoughts on “Clarkton High School — Clarkton, North Carolina

  1. I attended Clarkton 1963-1975 when it was the Warriors and when it changed to the Blue Devils, I never did like the Blue Devils name, but I think they were tryin to be sensitive to the American Indians at the time. I can’t remember when the name changed sometime during my elementary years tho., I actually have written a song for my old hometown entitled “No Taxi Town”

    1. Thanks for the input, Steve.
      A friend of mine wrote a song about his hometowm. He said it was so small, they couldn’t afford more than one roadsign. The song was called “Resume Speed, Indiana”.

    2. The name was changed from Warriors to Blue Devils between school year 1970-1971. The reason for that was that during that summer, Clarkton High School and Booker T. Washington High School merged into Clarkton High School. We were the Warriors and they were the Tigers, so the Football team, the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes were allowed to nominate names, and they there was a school wide vote. The football team came up with Blue Devils because our colors were Royal Blue and White already. The other names suggested were Bearcast, Blue Wave and Pink Panthers(it really was). Blue Devils won the vote hands down. So it had nothing to do with being sensitive to the Native Americans, which would have been fine, but it was because of the consolitation with Booker T. Washington. Now you have the real facts.

  2. I also attended Clarkton School from 1963 – 1975 (with Steve R.) The mascot changed in 1970 as the school was integrated with Booker T. Washington School. My understanding was that it was to unify the two schools by using neither of the existing mascots – Clarkton Warriors became the Clarkton Blue Devils. The current school/site was built in 1921 and closed in 1992.

  3. I attended Clarkton School grades 1 through 10 (moved to elizabethtown high school for grades 11 through 12). Does anyone remember when Clarkton High School joined a government program (can’t remember the name) where volunteers would sit outside and look for airplanes. If one was spotted the student would go into the principal’s office and call it in on the telephone; giving the size, number of engines and direction of flight? If memory serves, it was around the years 1956/1957 or so and had to do with the Cold War and the fear of the US being bombed by Russia. Mr. Lathan was principal at this time.

      1. That sounds like a winner to me. I spent most of my formative years in Clarkton School and enjoyed it all except the time Ms Gladys Priest spanked my butt in front of the whole class for talking when I wasn’t supposed to. (I think that was in the 6th. grade)

        When I was a boy, Clarkton was a bustling little town. Tobacco warehouses, the Center Theater, Don Bullard’s Hamburger joint, M. D. Johnson’s Bus station/Restaurant, etc.

        Thanks for the reply.

  4. Clarkton Warriors of 1968 basketball team hit the century mark in points against Littlefield…can’t remember the exact score..

  5. I was a senior at Clarkton in the 70-71 school year. The football team came up with three names for high school students to vote on. The three names nominated were wolverines, blue wave and blue devils. Blue Devils won by a large margin and I know this as a fact because I was one of three who counted the votes.

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