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Edenton, North Carolina seems to consider itself a small town. With a population of around 13,000, maybe they try to maintain the small town feel. Edenton is the largest town in Chowan County, which is the smallest county in North Carolina (147 square miles according to the Chowan County Sheriff’s Office).

Here’s some Chowan County photos from the book Edenton and Chowan County, North Carolina.

And here’s the Edenton-Chowan County Recreation Department on Facebook.

——————————————————————————– Reunion Apparel for Chowan High School
Chowan High School is listed as being in Edenton, but is physically closer to the little town of Tyner. A reader of this blog tells us the colors of the Chowan Bulldogs were Maroon and White. Another says they were Maroon and Gold. So, I’ve changed the alumni apparel to Maroon, Gold & White.

I couldn’t find much information at all about Chowan High School (but check out the excellent comments from alumni at the end of this post.)

“Chowan” refers to the Chowan Indian tribe that lived in the area at one time. The area is rich in history. The thick growth and swamps around the Chowan River was used at different times to “swallow up” people who didn’t want to be found.

Here’s a Google Street View which may be Chowan Middle School. What little I could find about Chowan High School indicates that, over the life of the school, there was more than one school building. I have no idea where the final Chowan High School building was or whether it still exists.

———– Sports ————————————————————–

The Chowan High School baseball team made it to the Class 1A playoffs in 1980.

Anne Hollowell scored 70 points in a basketball game against Conway in 1955.


Here’s a few blurbs I found in old newspapers or books that mention Chowan High School.

NC Dept. of Public Instruction, 1915 Annual Report
Principal, Miss Mary Agnes Weaver, Chowan High School:
I made no report on the building. This school year we have had a comfortable building with passable equipment. For the next school year, the new building (brick) will be ready for occupancy.

In the 1936 “North Carolina Emergency Relief Administration” report, $1,700 was allocated for “Construction school building, Chowan High School.”

(Wilmington) Star-News, May 20, 1974
WHITEVILLE — Terry Grier of Whiteville Senior High School’s Wolfpack has been named the Three Rivers Conference’s “Co-Coach Of The Year” in baseball. Grier is in his first year at Whiteville Senior High, coming from Chowan High in Edenton where he was “Coach of the Year” in the East Tidewater 2-A Conference (now 3-A).

The Windsor Daily Star, Dec. 19, 1935
Eleazer Woodard, athletic coach at Chowan High School, played the leading part in “Bashful Mr. Bobbs” so well he almost stopped the show.
Bashful both on and off stage, Woodard forgot his lines when the girls in the play started to “cuddle up” as their parts specified.
“Brace up, Eleazer, nobody is going to bite you,” the school principal whispered from the wings.
Eleazer braced–and the show went on.

***** If you know anything about Chowan High School, please let us know. We will update this post with your comments.

19 thoughts on “Chowan High School — Edenton, North Carolina

  1. Chowan High School Bulldogs. Colors maroon and white. We had a basketball team but no football team.
    Country school near Tyner, TX. I graduated in 1970. I still have one yearbook and my megaphone from being a cheerleader. At the time I went there, grades six through 12 attended.

    The Indian had to do with the word Chowan which is an Indian word. Don’t remember what it meant.

    1. I am from the class of 1978. You said that the colors were marron and white? When I attended there is was maroon and gold.

      1. Thanks, Ken.
        I’ve updated the colors and added a little more info about Chowan High School. If you can tell us anything else about the school, we’d appreciate it.
        Dave Sanders

      2. Yes, now that I think about it, it was Maroon and Gold but we said “Maroon and White, Fight Fight” when doing a cheer so I guess you could say it was either.

  2. Did C. G. Bromley say Tyner, TX??? LOL!
    Anyway, I grew up next to Chowan High School in Tyner, North Carolina. My parents graduated from there and I went to school there from grades 1-12. It later became grades 6-12 after intergration. I graduated in 1975.
    My parents probably know Jackie Morris… the name sounds familiar to me.
    True, the school was never large enough for a football team but it did have a basketball and baseball teams. It’s mascot was the bulldog. The Anne Hollowell you mentioned from an article is a cousin of mine. She’s lived most of her life in Pasadena, CA. I grew up next door to her parents who were like my grandparents.
    The school was located in Chowan County on Highway 32 (now named Virginia Road), 12 miles north of Edenton, NC. Chowan is named after the Chowanoke Indians which originally occupied the area. The school was demolished some time in the late 1980’s… I’m not certain about that… and the new Chowan Middle School was built at the same site. For some reason, I do believe they kept the old gym.

    1. I went to school with Anne Hollowell (Smith) for12 years she was one of my many friends in school. Others living near me in Virginia Beach are Evangeline Copeland (Wheeler)and Mary Sue Elliott (Spencer). I have tried to reach Anne in California on several occassions with out success
      can you provide her address to me or have her contact me. I think that she has a daughter, Rebecca, in Greensboro. My email address is I have also tried to reach Sara Margatet Asbell who lives in Hawaii and has a sister in VB, Jacj
      kie (do not know her married name).

  3. We lived in Tyner, NC and for elementary went to White Oak Elementary then went over at Chowan High School. The older main building were classes for the freshman thru seniors and we shared the gym and the cafeteria and the newer addition was where the 6th and 7th graders or Jr Highers attended classes. In 1983 or so, it was determined that the School District combine with Edenton School District and they shipped their 6th and 7th graders to Chowan and the High Schoolers went into town to John A Holmes HS, so as a new freshman in 1984, I went to Holmes for high school. We were pretty sad we didn’t get to graduate as Bulldogs, and I recall my cousins cheer uniform was maroon and gold. We had an awesome basketball team but had not much of a football team, I think boys playing football played Pop Warner until they sent the older students into Edenton. Can hardly imagine this these days, but our bus drivers were the Honor Student Seniors! Our bus commute went from 20 minutes to an hour once we were sent into Edenton and I was first picked up in the am and last in the pm, blech! SO many memories of that school. We used to have bbq chicken dinner fundraisers and all sorts of great activities during homecoming! I was so devestated to help decorate for prom twice and then not get to have my prom in our gym! I did make some great friends with the “townies” though and somewhere there is a box of yearbooks from both schools. Hope this gives you some perspective!

  4. Hello. I grew up in Tyner, NC. I went to White Oak Elementary and moved over to Chowan High School. I loved the Maroon and Gold and still love it today. I played one year of JV basketeball through the 76 and 77 season. My Jr 77-78 and Sr 78-79 seasons I was a starter for the Varsity team. I think about my coaches, team mates, teachers, and great Chowan FANS all the time wondering what they are doing. Smelling the popcorns getting ready for a games. I miss Chowan High. Robert Elliott (Chowan) short jump shot over Anthony Simmons from Cape Hatteras High School. Donald Holley scored 36 points effort to lead the Bulldogs to a 66-50 non-confernence win over Gates County. Denise Jordan for the lady Bulldogs scored 44 points. Coach Harry Lang, Rob Boyce and David Copeland. These are the Coaches 75-79 seasons. Great memories..

    If anyone have year books 77-78 and 78-79 please let me know. Anyone can contact me through my email

    Thanks Maroon and Gold

  5. Yes, the school colors were maroon & gold and we were the Bulldogs. I grew up right down the street from this school and I played JV & Varsity basketball 1974-1978. Troy Eason was the head coach for the 77 season and Rob Boyce 78. Harry Land was head coach for several years before my time. We also had a tennis team during those years which I played on. Some of the best memories for me were coming out of that locker room and onto the court in front of a packed house in Tyner, (right after the completion of the girls basketball games) and then going home with a big win. I also remember those long bus rides to play our conference foes, Hatteras & Manteo. We were a 1 A school, but we always had a great basketball tradition. I still have one of the old maroon & gold warm up tops.

  6. My Dad graduated from Chowan High School in 1928.
    I now have his class ring, which has a blue stone. I would love to find yearbooks from that time period or during his grammar school days.
    All suggestions are welcome as to where to start on this idea.

  7. I hope that this site is still active. I graduated from Chowan High School in 1979. I am on the planning committee for an ALL CHS Class Reunion; scheduled for November 2017. Our next meeting is on Saturday, January 28th in Tyner, NC. I recognize names that have previously posted on this site. Hope to hear back! My email address is

    1. Please let me know when this will occur. My Dad graduated from Chowan in 1947. I have his yearbook and a few pictures of him playing baseball and some other things but would love to exchange any stories. Etc. Thanks. Oh, dad was Wfm David Ward. Son of Sarah and llwellyn.

  8. Astute reader Patricia Delaney writes, “I graduated in 1977 from Chowan High when it was grades 5 to 12. It originally was grades 1 to 12 before segregated. I went to Chowan from grades 1 to 3. 4th grade at White Oak because of segregation. 5 to 12 Chowan. I was a cheerleader. Colors were always Maroon and Gold. I have annuals to prove this.
    Maybe when it became the middle school years later they changed it to white buy the original Chowan High School colors were MAROON AND GOLD.

    Patricia Delaney.”

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