Aurelian Springs High School — Aurelian Springs, North Carolina

Reunion Apparel for Aurelian Springs High School
Aurelian Springs, North Carolina

Street view of downtown Aurelian Springs.

Aurelian Springs is an unincorporated community in Halifax County, North Carolina, United States. It is part of the Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Aurelian Springs is located at 36.36417 N. Latitude and -77.80722 W. Longitude.

Its elevation is 339 ft.

(How Aurelian Springs, North Carolina got its name)
The seven springs located here reportedly carried aurelian (or golden) waters which had medicinal qualities. It was a popular recreation area of the late nineteenth century.


Aurelian Springs High School

mascot: Hornets
Colors: Purple & Old Gold

One source says the mascot was Yellow Jackets, another says it was Hornets. I voted for Yellow Jackets, thinking the second source was confused by the fact that Hornets is the mascot of Aurelian Springs Elementary School. Astute visitor Taylor Hawkins set me straight with this information:
The colors for Aurelian Springs High School were actually “Purple and Old Gold”. My father graduated from there and I’ve seen his yearbooks. That’s how they referred to their colors, “Purple and Old Gold”. The mascot was the Hornet. … The school was elementary and high school … Eventually they closed the high school and the school continued as an elementary school. Of course now they have torn down the old building and built a new facility. The elementary kept the Hornet mascot when the high school closed.”


From the Biennial Report for the scholastic years 1908-1909 and 1909-1910 presented to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:
Principal W. H. Albright, Aurelian Springs High School, Halifax County:
One new room added, extra teacher employed, and blackboards, teachers’ desks, etc., added. School growing all the time in numbers, efficiency, and ability to promote the cause of education. We are anxious to establish a department of domestic science ; also, a school farm.


History of Halifax County, Tour of Historical Places written by By Claude Moore, principal of Aurelian Springs High School from 1958 to 1964.

83 alumnii registered at

(from a 1926 advertisement for a Motion Picture Projector)
(the ad is in the newspaper archives at the Prelinger Library, San Francisco)

The Acme S. V. E. Type G
(picture here)
picture is an actual flash light photograph taken at Aurelian Springs High School while an educational motion picture was being projected by an Acme S. V. E. Motion Picture Projector. Study the people in this picture. They show their natural reaction to motion pictures. They see and understand the lesson on the screen.

Next month, on this page we will show this same group of people viewing an entertainment film. Watch for this picture and compare the expressions in the two pictures. Motion pictures are really instructive and entertaining.

The Acme S. V. E. Motion Picture Projector is the best projector for non-theatrical use. Write for full information.
International Projector Corp.
Acme Division


Taylor Hawkins also sent along these scans of the 1941 Aurelian Springs High School annual. A copy of the annual was given out at one of the reunions.


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  1. I went to school there in 1958. Would loved to find class book back then. If anyone can help me please e-mail me .

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