Aberdeen High School — Aberdeen, North Carolina

Aberdeen, North CarolinaAberdeen, North Carolina
Population: about 5,300

Aberdeen was named Blue’s Crossing until 1888. Energetic lumber men built railroads to move their timber. The railroads made Aberdeen a hub of industry and contributed to its growth.

The Aberdeen High School museum is located in the old train depot at the corner of Main & Sycamore.


Aberdeen High School photos
Aberdeen High School Aberdeen High School Aberdeen High School Aberdeen High School
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Aberdeen High School
Mascot: Red Devils
Colors: Red & Grey


Aberdeen High School could trace its roots back to a one-room log school that held its first classes in 1876. The school was “officially” organized in June, 1920. In the fall of 1969 AHS students transferred to the new Pinecrest High School.

There are several articles about Aberdeen High School in the archives of ThePilot.com, “your online news site for Pinehurst, Southern Pines and the rest of North Carolina’s Sandhills”.


Both Aberdeen High School basketball teams were Moore County Champions of the 1947-1948 season, with the girl’s team going undefeated (19-0).

The girls team won 7 consecutive County Championships from 1946-1953. Also in 1953, the girls were Class A State Champions.

Bob Lee, who was Aberdeen’s football, baseball, softball and women’s basketball coach from 1950-1959, organized the first women’s basketball state championship, even before the sport was recognized by the NCHSAA. He was inducted into the NCHSAA Hall of Fame in 2003.


Aberdeen High School made four appearances in North Carolina championship games:
– 1956 State Champion (6-man teams)
– 1957 State Runner-up (6-man teams)
– 1963 State Runner-up, Region 2
– 1964 State Champion, Region 2

Here’s a link to the Google Street View of Aberdeen Elementary School. [See alumni comments below]

Hopefully some alumni will add comments to this post and tell us a little more about Aberdeen High School.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Aberdeen High School — Aberdeen, North Carolina

    1. Thanks go out to Aberdeen alumni Donna L. for letting us know we had the colors wrong for AHS:
      “I went to AHS in the 60’s and our colors were red and grey . I remember the Red Devil mural being painted on the gym wall and the silky red and grey basketball uniforms along with the cheerleaders . Those were the days !

      Go Red Devils !”

    2. It’s worth noting that we have our AHS Museum located in the railroad depot building in the picture above. The museum is a treasury of our school’s history going back to the early 1900’s.

      1. Thanks, Jim. I was unaware of that. I just picked a random photo that I thought would reflect Aberdeen, NC.
        Can you tell me if the elementary school in the Google Street View above is the old Aberdeen High School?

    3. The current Aberdeen Elementary School is the former Aberdeen Middle School, which was originally AHS. I attended AMS for one year in the late 80’s, and it was wonderful to attend a middle school with a REAL football field, tennis court, baseball field, AND a gym with a separate auditorium.

    4. The picture you have posted was never a high school. I was in second grade, about 1950, when this building was built and it accommodated grades 1-8. I think this school was in the process of being built when our original elementary school burned to the ground on a December weekend around that time. The students were then dispersed to local churches for class until the building in your photo was finished. The school you may have in mind was adjacent to the one in the photo and that was our high school, 2 story brick with white columns, but I believe at one time it was an elementary school. That building was torn down at some point after the new consolidated high school, Pinecrest, was operational. I graduated in 1961 and I don’t recall the year that the above elementary school became a middle school, but I suspect sometime in the 70s. The AHS Museum, as mentioned by Jim Whitlock above, has a treasure trove of information about our school and is one of about 2-3 museums in the country that is dedicated to just a school. Thank you for creating a page for our wonderful alma mater! Those were indeed the “good old days!”

      1. The High School building was torn down in early June 1969, only a few days after school let out for summer vacation.
        I attended Aberdeen High School for eleven years until the end of my junior year.
        I graduated form Pinecrest High in the first graduation class of 1970.

    5. THANKS to Aberdeen High School alumna, Donna L., for the photos and timelines. Her memories: “It had old board floors that creeked when you would walk and those windows were a bear to open sometimes (I can remember getting snowed on one time in typing class as I sat in front of one.)”

    6. Sandy
      You were close.
      I was in the seventh grade when that schoolopened. I went to the fifth and sixth grade at the community house on the Roseland road. (Near the colonial Heights Mill hill). We traveled by bus every day to the american Legion Hut which was set up as a cefeteria. some of us would go across the street to “Fat” Dunn’s fish market and spend our lunch money on the best hot dogs ever made.

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