Tift County Industrial School — Tifton, Georgia

Tift County Industrial School

Tifton, GA

Mascot: Tigers

Colors: Blue & Gold

Year opened: ????
Year closed: 1957
     (Name was changed to Wilson High School in 1957)

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Tift County Training School is mentioned as a participant in the 1948 South Georgia Athletic Association basketball tournament.
Here’s the article from the Atlanta Daily World, Mar. 24, 1948.

Here’s an email from Flickr user GHSBP. Check out her Flickr pages and her websites, they are a wealth of great information.
“Tift County Industrial was the same as Tift County Training. Newspaper reports – especially for segregated schools – sometimes couldn’t keep names straight. The name changed to Wilson in 1957 and I assume that was because the county split Industrial into an elementary and a high school. Industrial retained its name. I’m not sure if Industrial was on the exact same parcel of land as the current J. T. Reddick school or not. Reddick had been a principal of Tift County Industrial when it was an elementary. If not on the same spot, it was very close.

I have a few photos of Wilson on the Flickr account. It’s now known as Matt Wilson Elementary.

I have notes on other schools at my website, http://www.ghsbp.com/gia/index.html

For non-segregated schools, http://www.ghsbp.com/nicknames.html, though some of those may not be accurate. I have a very long-term project started to get information out of state educational directories.”


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