Mount Moriah High School — Decatur County, Georgia

Mt. Moriah High School

Reunion Apparel for Attapulgus-Mt. Moriah High School

Climax, Decatur County, GA

Mascot: Jaguars

Colors: Blue & Gold

Year opened: ????
Year closed: 1974

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Mt. Moriah High School is mentioned as a participant in the 1948 South Georgia Athletic Association basketball tournament.
Here’s the article from the Atlanta Daily World, Mar. 24, 1948. [Apparently, the article has been moved or deleted.]

Mt. Moriah High School was a member of the Georgia Interscholastic Association at some point.

Merged with Attapulgus High School to become Attapulgus-Mt. Moriah High School.

A new building was opened in 1954. (, May 22, 2009)

—————— Miscellaneous entries in books & educational journals ——————

Annual Reports of the Department of Education to the General Assembly of the State of Georgia (for the school year ending Dec. 31, 1921)
– Decatur County, 3-year high schools:
— Attapulgus High School
— Climax High School
— Fowlson High School
— Pine Hill High School
— Mt. Pleasant High School
— West Bainbridge High School

Biographical Directory of Librarians in the United States and Canada
– BOYKIN, EDNA LESTER (LaVERNE), teacher, Mt. Moriah Vocational High School, 1948-49.

National Association of Secondary School Principals, ©1955
– Climax — Attapulgus-Mt. Moriah High School

Patterson’s American Education, Volumes 56-61, ©1963
– Decatur County Superintendent, W. L. Lamb, Bainbridge
– Climax, Decatur Co., pop. 373
— Climax High School, Ben H. Strickland, Principal
— Attapulgus-Mt. Moriah, Mrs. A. K. Maddux, Principal

Agriculture Teachers Directory and Handbook ©1970
– Climax 31734, S. R. Maddox, Mt. Moriah High School

All in the Timing: From Operating Room to Board Room
– “There were only ten to twelve students per class at Attapulgus High School in the 1940s.”
– The author, Charles R. Hatcher, mentions a basketball game between Attapulgus High School and Climax High School.

First reunion of Climax African-American School (from, June 26, 2009)
– The Climax School opened around 1936 as a grade 1-9 school. It closed in 1965 when the older students went to Bainbridge & the elementary student merged with the Climax white school.


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2 thoughts on “Mount Moriah High School — Decatur County, Georgia

  1. I graduated from attapulgus-mt. moriah high, 1956, but attended attapulgus voc. high previous during the reign of Dr. E. O. Gandy . I played basketball and appeared in various plays while attending the vocational school. ms. Pettiford was the music teacher at the time and another of my teachers was ms(s) Works . I remember most of my class mates who came from surrounding communities, such as Fowlstown, where I attended before Attapulgus (fowlstown Elementary school and my Teacher there was Mrs. Goins, a relative, I believe . This was while we lived on Simmons quartere (the five gray house on the left going to Bainbridge, less than 10 miles away. The most tragic accident I recall, as a child (which was never talked about was a “Bus/Ice gream truck collision wherein , I believe , lives were lost. My recollections are expansive. (can even recall living in “Landcat” before previously mentioned places ….


  2. I have handy-cam footage of Attapulgus voc. high, right up to the dilapidated ruins and panned footage of the general area because , cemetery adjacent to the scool and the Methodist is wherenmy father lies ……..!!!!!

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