Hutto High School — Bainbridge, Georgia

Hutto High School, Bainbridge, GA, Tigers reunion apparel
Hutto High School

Bainbridge, GA

Mascot: Tigers

Colors: Black & Gold

Year opened: 1869
Year closed: 1970

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Hutto High School won GIA boys’ state basketball titles in 1953 and 1959.
Hutto Boys Win Cage Tournament (Thomasville Times-Enterprise, 03/27/1953)

In football, they made it all the way to the state finals in 1964, but lost to Forrester.
Alto School Team State Champions (Cornelia, 12/10/1964)

Hutto High School is mentioned as a participant in the 1948 South Georgia Athletic Association basketball tournament.
Here’s the article from the Atlanta Daily World, Mar. 24, 1948.

The late Coach Alfred Gant was inducted into the Decatur County Sports Hall of Fame in 2012. Gant coached the Hutto High School Tigers to district football championships in 1950, 1951 and 1952 and district basketball championships in 1950, 1953, 1958 and 1960.


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15 thoughts on “Hutto High School — Bainbridge, Georgia

  1. (Historical marker)
    In front of the Hutto Middle School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, Georgia
    Marker Dedication or Erection Date:
    March 18, 2004
    The first school for former slaves in this county was established in 1869 and was known as the Whittier School
    and Tabernacle for Colored Children. It was on Shotwell Street and had grades 1-7. The name soon changed to
    Whittier Normal School since graduates were permitted to take state teacher’s exams. In 1895 George Hutto
    became Principal. The following year, after the Plessy v Ferguson “separate but equal’ court decision the Shotwell
    Street building was torn down and Mr. Hutto was authorized to erect a new school at this site. At that time the
    name was changed to Bainbridge Colored Grade School. Mr. Hutto served as principal until his death in 1922.
    Erected by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Decatur County Historical Society, 2004.
    The school was re-named in honor of Mr. Hutto and his widow Addie became principal. By her efforts a matching
    grant from the Rosenwald Fund was obtained to build a high school on the site. Grade 11 was added in 1928.
    Accreditation came in 1929 with the name Hutto High School. After 52 years of service Addie Hutto retired
    in 1942 and William Mann succeeded her. Grade 12 was added in 1953. Hutto High graduated its last class
    in 1970. Later that year Hutto High combined with Bainbridge High and this facility became Hutto Junior High.
    In 1990 it became Hutto Middle School.
    Erected by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Decatur County Historical Society, 2004

  2. Mr.William Mann was presiding Principal the first semester I attended Hutto High.I left Hutto and went to Union Normal due to large class size.I resided in the Dormitory there Prof.H.S Dixon,and Mumsie Dear ,(Marie Dixon) was the Overseer .A private School,Baptist ,s supported the School. I graduated there in 1948 .I remember some of my classmates at Union Normal,but very few of them who attended Hutto High.

  3. Hutto had one of the best marching bands in Georgia under the direction of Mr. Nick Johnson. If anyone has pictures of the band back in the day please send them to Forever live the Hutto High Tigers!

  4. My name is Isadore Johnson,and I went to Hutto High School in the sixties when we as a people were at the cusp of the civil rights movement. Hutto was an institution of learning,albeit under funded and in disrepair,but nevertheless, it is my belief that all who attended Hutto High School,went there with a sense of urgent purpose and unwavering loyalty to the BLACK AND GOLD,FIGHTING TIGERS. WHO YA ROOTIN’ FOR? My thoughts now of Hutto and all it stood for will always be first and foremost, some of my lifes most prominent and prevalent memories. LONG LIVE HUTTO HIGH SCHOOL, NO MATTER THAT WE HAVE TO DUST OFF THOSE OLD DAYS IN ORDER TO RECALL HOW THEY WERE. We went through a lot back then, but we were made a lot stronger for having done so; so let us do one thing, let us remember the Spirit under which we strove for recognition as a people.

    Be eternally blessed,
    Isadore Johnson

    1. Thanks for your memories of Hutto High, was class of 1970-71.
      Send your email…we’ll catch up. You were in class with my
      brothers or sisters.

  5. I attended Hutto High School my Freshman and Sophomore year and my Junior and Senior year at Bainbridge high. I would like to know if any of Hutto’s school pictures will ever be posted on the internet or other social media. What happen to all of the school’s history. I can remember the city’s turn out when the school had their Homecoming parades. You could not find standing space for the people (both black and white) trying to see the band perform. I was a member of the band my Sophomore year under the direction of Mr. Nick Johnson Jr. Douglas High School Alumni in Thomasvillie Ga. has done a great job with their web site. Check it out at this link: and click on Douglass High School Gallery. There are other schools with web sites also at

    1. Well, shoot. The same person posted all 3 stories on and, for some reason, restricted access to them after I posted the links here. I can’t get to them now, either. I have another contact who has a lot of old Georgia high school sports articles. I’ll check with her and see if she has copies of these articles.

  6. I was graduated in the Class of 1947. Mrs. Addie E Hutto retired at the end of the 1945-46 School Year (not 1942). Mr. W. D. Mann began his principalship in the fall of 1946.

    1. Would like to know if anyone remember professor Walter Powell as principal of Hutton high school? If so what year?

  7. I graduated from Hutto High School in 1945 as valedictorian of my class. Because it had only 11 grades, I had to take a semester of geometry in order to be admitted to Howard University in Washington, DC. Preparation at Hutto was excellent. I graduated from Howard cum laude.


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