Greene County, Georgia, High Schools — The Name Game

Greene County High School alumni apparel
While adding some Greene County Georgia high schools to, I became hopelessly confused about what school was named what and when.

Below are some of my findings. It is quite possible that NOTHING below is true. It is bits and pieces I picked up from various websites (“it must be true, I saw it on the Internets”) or found in old newspapers (“Dewey Wins!”) or just made up because nothing else made sense.

PLEASE!!! I need your help. I will update this post as comments are received from our loyal follower(s?). I’m 99% sure there are schools completely missing from this timeline (Siloam?, others?). I’m also 99% sure my original timeline is wrong. Let’s make this the one place on the Internet where people can find a complete history of Greene County high schools. Thanks.

School Opened Closed Mascot Colors
Greensboro High School (White) ? 1965 Tigers Black & Orange
Greensboro High School (Black) ? ? ? ?
Greene County High School (Black) ? 1956 Tigers Black & Gold
Floyd T. Corry High School 1956 1971 Tigers Black & Gold
Greene County High School 1965 1982 Tigers Black & Orange?
Greene-Taliaferro High School 1982 2001 Tigers Black & Gold
Greene County High School 2001 open Tigers Black & Gold
Union Point High School (White) ? 1965? Bulldogs ?
Union Point High School (Black) ? ? Bulldogs ?


1492-1955 I have no idea, except they were probably the Black & Orange Tigers. (:
1956 Apparently there was an African-American school named Greene County High School, because in 1956, it was renamed Floyd T. Corry High School.1
1965 Greensboro schools and Greene County schools were consolidated. Greensboro High School became Greene County High School. (Did Union Point consolidate?)
1971 Corry High School was integrated into Greene County High School.
1982 Greene County High School and Taliaferro County High School consolidated and GCHS was renamed Greene-Taliaferro High School.
2001 Taliaferro County High School re-opened and GTHS was renamed Greene County High School.

1 Rome News-Tribune, Nov. 30, 1955:
“A truck collision…took a life…in Georgia yesterday.
Floyd Thomas Corry, 56, Greene County school superintendent for 19 years, died in a collision of his pickup truck and another driven by [name withheld] at Siloam. Sheriff L. L. Wyatt said [name withheld] of Rt. 3, Greensboro, was charged with failing to yield right of way at an intersection. A passenger in Corry’s truck, Hatchett Thornton, of White Plains received head cuts.”

What do you know about Greene County’s high schools?

3 thoughts on “Greene County, Georgia, High Schools — The Name Game

  1. I don’t know about a black school named Greene County High School, all I have ever known is Floyd T. Corry Elementary and High Schools for blacks – where I started and graduated. I believe it was after 1968 (when I graduated) that both the white and black schools intergrated. All of my sisters and brothers after me graduated from Greene County High School which is now Greene Taliaferro High School. Since then the whites who did not want to go to school with the blacks (which is what was tried previously – choose what high school you wanted to go to and no whites came to the black school so I presume the state decided for everyone) – they built a school called Nathaniel Greene Private School – 99% white I’m sure). Now they are building there own city – Lake Oconee, GA – there is no such place – even Carrie Underwood says she married in GREENSBORO, GA but it was at the lake. Bigotry Continues in the U.S.A.

  2. [from Betty Davenport]
    FT Corry High School
    The school was named this after the Superintendent Corry was killed in a car accident. The school colors were Black and Gold not Orange. I graduated in 1963 from the school. My brother graduated in 1965 and the school wasnt intergrated until after that time.

  3. All I can add is that started school in 1956 at the old wooden school in Siloam, Ga. I don’t remember the name, but the next school year the new school (Hubert English Elem) opened. I attended there through the 7th grade. The 1st 6 weeks (63-64) of the 8th grade everyone from Hubert English Elem. starting 8th grade had to go to Darden Thomas Elem in Union Point, Ga until space opened up at F.T. Corry High. In Greensboro there was F.T. Corry High and F.T. Corry Elem. Also, the white school I think was called Greensboro High. But, my senior year (67-68) the school was integrated with who ever wanted to go. There was only a few Blacks went over and no whites come to Corry High. The year after I graduated (1968) I think it was total integrated. After that I lost track. Maybe this can help some.

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