Butler High School — Gainesville, Georgia

Butler High School
Reunion Apparel for E. E. Butler High School, Gainesville, Georgia
Gainesville, GA

Mascot: Tigers

Colors: Maroon & White

Year opened: 1962
Year closed: 1969

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Full name was E. E. Butler High School, Gainesville, Georgia

from Digital Library of Georgia Photograph of E. E. Butler High School, located on Athens Highway. It was constructed in the early 1960s. The students were later transferred to Gainesville High School, and the building has been used by several different groups since then.

Originally Fair Street High School, later rebuilt (in 1962/3) as E. E. Butler High School. Closed in 1969.

Fair Street High School
GIA Football State Champs: Class B: 1956 Class A: 1957
GIA Girls Basketball Class B State Champs: 1953

Links for Fair Street & Butler High Schools:
Fair Street-Butler High Schools Facebook group
Fair Street-Butler High Schools Alumni Association

E. E. Butler waymarker
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