Delbrook High School — North Vancouver, British Columbia

Delbrook Community Recreation Centre (site of Delbrook Senior Secondary School) on Google Street View
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Delbrook Community Recreation Centre (site of Delbrook Senior Secondary School)

Reunion Apparel for Delbrook High School
Delbrook Senior Secondary School

Year opened: 1957

Year closed: 1977

mascot: Hilltoppers

colors: Light Blue & Dark Blue


North Vancouver High School served as the only high school in North Vancouver until the opening of Delbrook. Delbrook High School opened in 1957 with Mr. Siddons as principal.

In the post Baby Boom era of the mid 1970’s, North Vancouver was experiencing the same declining enrollments as most other school districts. A proposal was being seriously discussed to close both North Vancouver and Delbrook High Schools at the end of the 1978-79 school year.

On January 28, 1977, a fire began in a lower-floor workshop and quickly spread upward, destroyed much of Delbrook High School. Delbrook’s students completed the 1977 year at nearby Balmoral Junior Secondary. Delbrook and Balmoral students attended classes in shifts, with one school using the buildings in the mornings and the other in the afternoons.

Rather than rebuild Delbrook, the school board officially closed the school on June 30, 1977. Delbrook students enrolled in their choice of either Carson Graham or Handsworth for the remainder of their high school years..

The Delbrook buildings which were not destroyed in the fire, including the gymnasium and cafeteria, now operate under North Vancouver Parks and Recreation as the Delbrook Community Recreation Centre.



– There is a pretty good overview of Delbrook on wikipedia. Since it covers sports highlights and notable alumni, I’ll refer you there instead of repeating it here.

– There are over 1,100 Delbrook High School alumni on

– If you’re really bored (or want to be), here’s a link to the results of a study which used Delbrook students as guinea pigs: School Closure: The Effects of Forced Transfer blah, blah, blah.

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The North Vancouver Museum and Archives have a collection of over 4,000 Delbrook High School photos and other memorablilia. Most of the photos are from the school’s yearbooks. The collection is stored at:
Community History Centre
3203 Institute Road
North Vancouver, B.C.


This has nothing to do with anything; Just an interesting bit of 1960’s trivia.
[from the Montreal Gazettte, April 14, 1962 ]
NORTH VANCOUVER, BC. – Opposed to the prevalence of tight skirts and rat’s-nest hairdos among teen-age girls, teachers at Delbrook High School here are holding charm classes designed to encourage moderation in dress and appearance.


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  1. The Delbrook building was used as a business college in the late 1970’s, after the high school closed – anybody remember its official name?

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