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As of today, we have 2,225 closed high schools listed on Half of them are located in either Illinois, Indiana or Kansas. This is because we found partial lists of closed high schools for those three states. Most of the other half of our schools came from folks like you filling out the Submit Your School form.

The original purpose of was to provide information about closed high schools. That’s still the main goal, but, to pay the bills, we have also added alumni apparel for closed high schools. To create alumni apparel for a school, all we need is the school’s name, colors and mascot, as well as the city and state where it was located. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find this little bit of information about a school. Even existing schools frequently don’t mention their colors or mascot on the school’s website. Many schools just seem to disappear after they are closed. Even if we can’t find enough information to create alumni apparel for a school, we still list it on our site, hoping one of you will fill in the missing information.

Researching closed high schools is a lot of fun for someone like me. Growing up, I attended five different schools. Every one of them is now closed. I enjoy finding an alumni association website where folks are keeping the memory of their high school alive. A few alumni associations keep the memory alive by creating scholarships or performing community service. I love that. Others just seem to exist to whine about the past or to schedule parties. To each their own, I guess.

Has your high school closed? Tell us about it.