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  • Beaufort High School
    Class: ALL
    Dates: 1st Sat. each month
    Contact: 9 AM, Golden Corral, Beaufort
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    North Charleston High School
    Class: 1967
    Dates: 2017-09-30
    Contact: Linda Holmes, 843-697-8979, lg49.holmes@gmail.com
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    Featured High Schools

    McDuffie High School

  • Scots Alumni Store
  • McDuffie Facebook groups

  • Graduates of McDuffie High
  • I went to McDuffie High
  • '88 Scotsmen

    Marching Band

  • Under the direction of Herbert Gilliam, the McDuffie High School marching band won over fifty 1st Place Trophies and was invited to participate in three Mardi Gras Parades.
  • McDuffie High Alumni website

    Google Street View of 1225 S. McDuffie St., Anderson, SC

    McDuffie on MySpace

    Girl's Basketball
  • In both 1985 and 1986, the McDuffie girl's basketball team was the Class AAA State Runner-Up under coach Michael Austin.
  • In 1977, Theresa Allen set the State Record for most rebounds in a game (35).

    Boy's Basketball

    Coached by Barney Brown, the Fighting Scots defeated Macedonia in the State Championship game.
  • McDuffie holds the current state record for most 3-pointers (12) in a State Finals game.
  • Scotsman Chris Lindsey scored 7 of those 3-pointers, also the current state record for most 3-pointers by an individual in a State Finals game.

  • Beaufort
    Beaufort High School
  • Scarlet & White
  • Tidal Wave Alumni Store

  • Robert Smalls High School
  • Green & White
  • Generals Alumni Store
  • Street View

    St. Helena High School
  • Green & Gold
  • Eagles Alumni Store

  • Charleston
    C. A. Brown High School
                   Panthers Alumni Store
                   Pantherettes Alumni Store
    Panther Alumni Site
          Memories: C.A. Brown we love you. Plaiting the May Pole, playing baseball, running track and ping pong.

    High School of Charleston
    (1841-1880) 59 Society St.
    More photos (including gutted Rutledge building)
    Bantams Alumni Store
    1953 cheerleaders
    Restoration reports:
    Article 1
    Article 2
    Google Street View of the rebuilt school building
    Now the home of the Medical University of South Carolina's College of Health Professions

    Darlington Academy
    DA on Facebook
    DA Kinesis yearbooks
    DA Street View

    St. John's High School
    SC State Champs:
        Boys: Basketball 1983; Golf 1970; Baseball 1984,1995
        Girls: Basketball 1970, 1972; Softball 1989, 1990, 1992
    The first school in Darlington was Darlington Academy, opened in 1818. In 1860, it was renamed St. John's Academy, then, later, St. John's School, St. John's High School (built in 1935), and, finally, St. John's Elementary School. St. John's High School merged with Mayo High School to create Darlington High School in 1995.
    St. John's on Facebook (1)
    St. John's on Facebook (2)

    Lake View
    Columbus High School

    Google Street View

    SC Class A State Champs: Girls Basketball 1970-71 (defeated Edgewood)

    [Alumni note] Our colors were Blue and Gold, our principal was Mr. S. D. Scott, and the school closed in 1970, which was the last graduating class of Columbus High. We still have many students, but we have no trophies, photos or anything to remember our school. Our trophy case was moved to Lake View High School, but the old LVHS building burned and I for one, don't know what happened to the trophies.

    [more memories] The winning coach [in 1970-71] was Mr. Brayboy. I think he coached the boys and girls that year. However, 2-3 years before winning the championship, the coach that took us was Mr. William Penn, we played Bowman, I think, one year in Sumter at Morris College, and we played one year at SC State, in the Smith Hamilton Middleton Auditorium, can't remember the team we played there.

    (Submit your Columbus High School memories here)

    G. W. Carver High School

    Football State Champs
    1959, 60, 61, 62, 63
    Send us the Tigers' school colors Carver Memories

    1968 Track Meet

    James Talley

    South Carolina High School Yearbooks & Apparel

    This is our "in process" list. If you see any errors or omissions,
    please fill out the "Submit Your School" form to send us the correct information.
    (note: This list may include some schools which are still open.)

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    SummervilleAlston High SchoolTigersMaroon & RoyalHistory
    Alston High School merged into Summerville High School in 1970.
    The building now houses Alston Middle School.
    AndersonAnderson High SchoolYellow JacketsBlack & GoldHistory
    Girl's Basketball State Champs 1921, 24, 40;
    Girl's Tennis State Runner-Up 1960;
    Football State Champs 1940, 42, 58; Runner-Up 1949;
    Boy's Track State Runner-Up 1925, 57, 62;
    Boy's Basketball State Runner-Up 1937
    BishopvilleAshwood Central High SchoolRamsRoyal Blue & GoldACHS on Facebook
    Boy's Basketball State Runner-Up 1971;
    Baseball State Champs 1968
    BambergBamberg High SchoolRed RaidersRed & Black
    Girl's Basketball State Champs 1948
    CamdenBaron DeKalb High SchoolGenerals? 
    Girl's Basketball State Champs 1960, 68; State Runner-Up 1966, 67
    LancasterBarr Street High SchoolGolden TigersMaroon & GoldBSHS Website
    Boy's Basketball State Champs 1966
    Football State Runner-Up 1969
    NesmithBattery Park High SchoolBlue DevilsRoyal Blue & White 
    Boy's Basketball State Runner-Up 1978
    Bells (?)Bells High SchoolDare Devils?
    Girl's Basketball State Champs 1968
    BeltonBelton High SchoolWarriors?
    Girl's Tennis State Champs 1961, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67;
    Boy's Tennis State Champs 1960, 61;
    Boy's Basketball State Runner-Up 1965
    ColumbiaBen Lippen High SchoolFalconsGreen & WhiteFacebook
    Boy's Track State Champs 1997, 98; Runner-Up 1996;
    Boy's Cross Country State Champs 1997, 98; Runner-Up 1996;
    Boy's Golf State Runner-Up 1997;
    Girl's Track State Runner-Up 1995
    BennettsvilleBennettsville High SchoolGreen GremlinsGreen & WhiteFacebook#1
    Boy's Basketball State Champs 1947, 48; Runner-Up 1980;
    Baseball State Runner-Up 1945
    BethuneBethune High SchoolWildcatsMaroon & GoldFacebook
    Boy's Basketball State Champs 1982;
    Football State Runner-Up 1960;
    Baseball State Champs 1961; Runner-Up 1958;
    Boy's Golf State Champs 1966, 67, 71; Runner-Up 1968, 69, 72;
    Boy's Basketball State Champs 1960, 73; Runner-Up 1958, 61, 63, 64, 69, 79
    RowesvilleBethune Bowman High SchoolMohawksMaroon & GoldBBMHS Home
    BishopvilleBishopville High School
    opened 1936 closed 2000
    DragonsMaroon & GoldPhotos
    Girl's Basketball State Runner-Up 1998, 99;
    Boy's Basketball State Champs 1978; Runner-Up 1994, 95;
    Football State Champs 1972
    BlackvilleBlackville High SchoolHawks?
    BlenheimBlenheim High SchoolEagles?
    BlufftonBluffton High SchoolBulldogs?
    BlythewoodBlythewood High School (old)TigersPurple & Gold
    North CharlestonBonds Wilson High SchoolCobrasBlue & GoldFacebook
    BowmanBowman High SchoolMohawksMaroon & Gold
    BranchvilleBranchville High SchoolYellow JacketsPurple & Gold
    ColumbiaBT Washington High SchoolTornadoes?
    HugerButler High SchoolTigersPurple & Gold
    CharlestonC. A. Brown High SchoolPanthersBlack & Gold
    CadesCades Hebron High SchoolHornetsRoyal & White
    CainhoyCainhoy High SchoolTigersPurple & Gold
    CamdenCamden Military Academy
    SpartansBlack & Light BlueAlumni Assoc.
    CameronCameron High SchoolColts?
    ColumbiaCardinal Newman High SchoolCardinalsBlack & Red
    BambergCarlisle Military High School
    Golden CycloneGold & BurgundyAlumni Assoc.
    InmanChapman High SchoolPanthersBlue & OrangeOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    Formerly Inman High School. Chapman High School was established in 1954 carrying forward Inman's mascot, the Purple Panthers.
    CharlestonCharleston High SchoolBantamsBlack & White
    Charleston HeightsChicora High SchoolEaglesRed & White
    GeorgetownChoppee High SchoolIndiansGreen & White
    ClintonClinton High SchoolRed DevilsRed & WhiteFacebook
    ClioClio High SchoolCavaliersRoyal Blue & Gold
    ColumbiaColumbia High SchoolCapitalsMaroon & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    Established in 1884. Located in downtown Columbia from 1915-1975. Currently located on Westchester Drive in the St. Andrews area of Columbia, SC.
    North CharlestonCooper River High SchoolBlue DevilsDark Blue & White
    CowpensCowpens High SchoolRed RaidersRed & WhiteBand photos
    CrossCross High SchoolTrojansBlue & WhiteOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    DacusvilleDacusville High SchoolGolden Wave?Facebook
    DarlingtonDarlington High SchoolFalconsPurple & SilverFacebook
    ColumbiaDentsville High SchoolCougars?
    CrossDillon High SchoolWildcatsBlack & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    ColumbiaDreher High School Blue DevilsBlue & WhiteOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    State Championships:
    Football 1951, 1956, 1957, 1959
    Men's Basketball 1956, 1957, 1961, 1963, 1979
    Women's Basketball 1969, 1994, 2001, 2003
    Track and Field 2003
    Women's Soccer 2003
    Men's Soccer 1968, 1980, 1982
    Baseball 1969
    Wrestling 1988
    EdgefieldEdgefield High SchoolBulldogs?
    PiedmontEllen Woodside High SchoolWolverines?
    ElloreeElloree High SchoolWarriorsBlue & Gold
    WinnsboroFairfield High School??
    Fairforest / SpartanburgFairforest High SchoolHornetsPurple & GoldFacebook
    State Tournament Finals:
    Boy's Basketball - 1937 - Won
    Girl's Basketball - 1950 - Lost
    Baseball - 1953 - Won
    Girl's Basketball - 1955 - Won
    Girl's Basketball - 1963 - Lost
    Baseball - 1964 - Won
    Flat CreekFlat Creek High SchoolRattlers?
    FlorenceFlorence High SchoolYellow Jackets?
    WattsvilleFord High SchoolEaglesBlue & GoldYearbooks
    James IslandFort Johnson High SchoolTrojansRoyal Blue & WhiteFacebook
    Band photo
    SumterFurman High SchoolIndiansPurple & GoldFacebook
    GaffneyGaffney High School IndianBlack & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    North CharlestonGarrett High School
    Gordon H. Garrett High School
    FalconsRed White BlueYearbooks For Sale
    GeorgetownGeorgetown High SchoolBulldogsNavy & GrayGeorgetown Sweatshirt
    Goose CreekGoose Creek High SchoolGatorsBlack & GoldYearbooks
    GranitevilleGraniteville High SchoolRocksBlack & GarnetBand photos
    GreeleyvilleGreeleyville High SchoolTigers?Facebook
    GreenvilleGreenville High SchoolRed RaidersRed & WhiteOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    AndersonHanna High School Yellow JacketsBlack & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    HannahHannah High School
    Merged with Pamplico High School creating Hannah-Pamplico High School
    HawksRed, Silver, WhiteYearbook Search
    PamplicoHannah-Pamplico High School
    Sports combined in 1963(?) as Rebels
    Mascot changed to Raiders when merged with Gibbs High School in 1970
    Red & WhiteYearbooks For Sale
    HardeevilleHardeeville High School (old)??
    HarleyvilleHarleyville-Ridgeville High SchoolCobrasRed & WhiteFacebook
    Heath SpringsHeath Springs High SchoolBlue Devils?Steps?
    HemingwayHemingway High SchoolTigersColumbia Blue & WhiteYearbooks
    Hickory GroveHickory Grove High School
    CardinalsRed & WhiteLast Day
    Hickory TavernHickory Tavern High SchoolPanthers?History
    DalzellHillcrest Dalzell High SchoolWildcatsDark Blue & White
    DalzellHillcrest High SchoolWildcatsDark Blue & White1972 Band
    SimpsonvilleHillcrest High SchoolRamsRed & BlackRam's Home
    Heath SpringsHillside High SchoolBulldogsMaroon & Gold
    Holly HillHolly Hill High SchoolBantams?Facebook
    Holly HillHolly Hill-Roberts High SchoolBulldogsMaroon & GoldBand photos
    Honea PathHonea Path High SchoolStingersBlack & GoldTown of HP
    Street View
    HopkinsHopkins High School
    first graduating class 1954; last class 1971
    ?Green & GoldHHS Alumni
    GeorgetownHoward High SchoolTigersBlue & GoldFacebook
    IrmoIrmo High School YellowjacketsBlack & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    CamdenJackson High SchoolTigers?Dark Blue & White?
    JacksonJackson High School
    1952 - 1981
    IndiansRed & WhiteYearbooks
    James IslandJames Island High SchoolRamsBlack & OrangeFacebook1
    James IslandJames Island Charter High SchoolTrojansRoyal & OrangeFacebook
    JICHS website
    RidgelandJasper County High SchoolJaguarsBlack & RedFacebook
    YorkJefferson High SchoolBlue DevilsNavy & BlueYork, SC
    JohnsonvilleJohnsonville High School
    (still open)
    FlashesBlack & GoldJHS Alumni
    JohnstonJohnston High SchoolBears?
    JonesvilleJonesville High SchoolWildcatsLight Blue & WhiteBand photos
    ColumbiaKeenan High School RaidersNavy & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    KershawKershaw High SchoolEaglesPurple & Whitesee blog post
    BathLangley-Bath-Clearwater High SchoolLionsBlue & GoldFacebook
    LexingtonLexington High School WildcatsBlue & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    LockhartLockhart High SchoolRed DevilsMaroon & WhiteBand photos
    BlenheimLower Marlboro High SchoolEaglesRed & Gold
    Moncks CornerMacedonia High School
    Consolidated with St. Steven and Cainhoy to create Timberland High School.
    State Championships Games:
    - Boys Basketball: Champs 1990, 91, 94; runner-up 1993
    - Baseball: Champs 1938; runner-up 1939, 40
    - Football: runner-up 1950
    - Softball: runner-up 1982
    FoxesRed & BlackBuilding burned
    MauldinMauldin High School MavericksOrange & WhiteOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    SumterMayewood High SchoolVikingsRed, Blue & White
    DarlingtonMayo High SchoolGolden BearsBlack & Gold
    FlorenceMcClenaghan High SchoolYellow JacketsBlack & Gold1969 Band
    McCollMcColl High SchoolRed DevilsRed & White
    BlufftonMcCracken High SchoolBulldogs?
    AndersonMcDuffie High SchoolScotsRed & GoldFacebook
    Charleston /
    West Ashley
    Middleton High SchoolRazorbacksRed & WhiteBand photos
    CharlestonMilitary Magnet AcademyEaglesRed & White
    Mount PleasantMoultrie High SchoolGenerals?Yearbooks
    KershawMount Pisgah High SchoolRamsBlack & Gold
    ElliottMount Pleasant High SchoolRattlersMaroon & GrayStreet View
    MPMS apparel
    Elliott on FB
    NewberryNewberry High School BulldogsBlue & WhiteOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    North CharlestonNorth Charleston High School(Cougars)
    (Blue Devils)
    Gold & CardinalYearbooks
    GreenvilleNorthside High School??
    Rock HillNorthwestern High School TrojansPurple & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    NorwayNorway High SchoolPirates?
    WestminsterOakway High SchoolRebelsBlue & Gold
    OlantaOlanta High SchoolBearcatsRed & BlackOHS blog
    ColumbiaOlympia High SchoolRed DevilsRed & White
    OrangeburgOrangeburg High SchoolIndiansBlue & Gold
    PacoletPacolet High SchoolIndiansRed & White
    PagelandPageland High SchoolTigersGreen & Gold1975 Band
    PamplicoPamplico High SchoolIndians?
    GreenvilleParis High SchoolYellow JacketsBlack & Yellowsee blog post
    GreenvilleParker High SchoolGolden TornadoesPurple, White & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    Band photos
    PiedmontPiedmont High School??
    HemingwayPleasant Hill High SchoolBlue DevilsBlue & GoldStreet View
    CharlestonPorter Gaud High SchoolCyclones?
    RidgelandRidgeland High SchoolTigersOrange & BlueFacebook
    Holly HillRoberts High SchoolTigers?
    Rock HillRock Hill High SchoolBearcatsGarnet, Black, GoldYearbooks For Sale
    RoebuckRoebuck High SchoolBucksRoyal & Yellow
    RuffinRuffin High SchoolPatriotsRed, Blue & WhiteBand photos
    SalleySalley High SchoolOwls?
    SlaterSlater-Marietta High School
    Students moved to Travelers Rest High School.
    Boys Basketball
    Class B State Champs: 1954, 63, 65, 67
    Class B State Runner-up: 1962, 69
    Class A State Champs: 1971
    Boys Track
    Class B State Runner-up: 1955, 61
    Green WaveKelly & Hunter GreenYearbooks For Sale
    SMHS on Facebook
    SpartanburgSC School for the Deaf & BlindHornetsGreen & White
    GreenvilleSouthside Christian SchoolSabresBlue & Dark BlueFacebook
    FlorenceSouthside High SchoolFalconsLight Blue & White
    SpartanburgSpartanburg Day High SchoolGriffins?
    LamarSpaulding High SchoolTigersDark Blue & White
    ColumbiaSpring Valley High School VikingsGreen & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    SpringfieldSpringfield High School??
    Charleston /
    West Ashley
    St. Andrews High SchoolRocksLight Blue & WhiteBand photos
    AikenSt. Angela High SchoolSaintsMaroon & White
    St. GeorgeSt. George High SchoolGolden EaglesBlue & GoldBand photos
    DarlingtonSt. John's High SchoolBlue DevilsBlue & GoldFacebook (1)
    Facebook (2)
    Johns IslandSt. Johns High SchoolIslandersMaroon, White, BlueSJHS Homepage
    KingstreeSt. Mark High School??
    St MatthewsSt. Matthews High SchoolYellow Jackets?1969 Band
    Yonges IslandSt. Paul High SchoolPirates?
    St. StephenSt. Stephen High SchoolRamsBlue & Gold
    SummertonSummerton High School??
    SummervilleSummerville High SchoolGreen WaveGreen GoldMemorabilia
    AndersonT. L. Hanna High School Yellow JacketsBlack & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    TaylorsTaylors High School??
    CentenaryTerrell's Bay High SchoolWildcatsGreen, Gold & WhiteFacebook
    ClintonThornwell High SchoolSaintsLight Blue & GoldFacebook
    UnionUnion High School Yellow JacketsBlack & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    ColumbiaW. J. Keenan High School RaidersNavy & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    GreenvilleWade Hampton High School GeneralsBlack & RedOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    In 1960, Wade Hampton High School was created by consolidating Paris High School and Taylors High School along with some students from Greenville High School.
    WagenerWagener High SchoolWildcats?
    WalhallaWalhalla High SchoolRazorbacksPurple WhiteMemorabilia
    WallaceWallace High SchoolBearcats?
    WalterboroWalterboro High SchoolBulldogsNavy & SilverBand photos
    WalterboroWalterboro High SchoolWildcats?Band photos
    WampeeWampee Little River High School??
    UnionWest End High School?Black & Gold
    HardeevilleWest Hardeeville High School??
    WestministerWestminster High SchoolTrojans?
    OrangeburgWilkinson High SchoolBruinsDark Blue & WhiteStreet View
    WilliamsburgWilliamsburg High School??
    WilliamsburgWilliamsburg Blakely High School??
    WilliamsburgWilliamsburg Training High SchoolWildcats?
    WinnsboroWinnsboro High SchoolWildcatsBlack & Dark BlueWinnsboro photos
    Rock HillWinthrop Training High SchoolWildcats?
    GeorgetownWinyah High SchoolGatorsRed & WhiteFacebook
    WoodruffWoodruff High School WolverinesMaroon & GoldOnline Yearbooks
    Yearbooks For Sale
    YorkYork High SchoolGreen DragonsGreen & WhiteYork, SC

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